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FaShanda Agnew

FaShanda Agnew

FaShanda Agnew, 54, passed away Feb. 21, 2023 at Community Hospital.
FaShanda was born May 21, 1968 to David Agnew and Evelyn Smiley. She was a Madison Heights High School graduate and enjoyed spending time with family and friends.
FaShanda is survived by her sons William Turner, Frank Wimsatt III; daughter FaDrica Wimsatt; sisters Davida Agnew, Linda Powell, Sukuri Wills, Thea Surles, Leler Agnew, Rocquel Agnew, Nichole Gosha, Amy Gosha, Serena Sharp, Renita Shelby Wills, Carletha Wills; brother Donte Wills; grandchild Dontae Wimsatt and a host of family and friends.
FaShanda was preceded in death by her parents Evelyn Smiley, David Agnew, Albert Wills; grandmother Clara Collough; nephew Ryan Blackmon; son FaDreyl Wimsatt and brother Albert Walker.
Service will be noon Thursday at Anderson Zion Baptist Church, 2008 Rev. JT Menifee St., visitation 2 hours prior to service.

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