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In Loving Memory of FaShanda Agnew

FaShanda Agnew

FaShanda Agnew

FaShanda Agnew, 54, passed away Feb. 21, 2023 at Community Hospital.
FaShanda was born May 21, 1968 to David Agnew and Evelyn Smiley. She was a Madison Heights High School graduate and enjoyed spending time with family and friends.
FaShanda is survived by her sons William Turner, Frank Wimsatt III; daughter FaDrica Wimsatt; sisters Davida Agnew, Linda Powell, Sukuri Wills, Thea Surles, Leler Agnew, Rocquel Agnew, Nichole Gosha, Amy Gosha, Serena Sharp, Renita Shelby Wills, Carletha Wills; brother Donte Wills; grandchild Dontae Wimsatt and a host of family and friends.
FaShanda was preceded in death by her parents Evelyn Smiley, David Agnew, Albert Wills; grandmother Clara Collough; nephew Ryan Blackmon; son FaDreyl Wimsatt and brother Albert Walker.
Service will be noon Thursday at Anderson Zion Baptist Church, 2008 Rev. JT Menifee St., visitation 2 hours prior to service.

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